Hi, everybody!


I’m Jason B. Russell, aka @jayburritos, and I run this whole shebang. I’m trying to be that new voice you listen to every week. That one friend of yours that you trust to put you on that new band or singer you’ve been thinking about checking out. I’ve already changed some people’s lives out there, but I’m not satisfied until all of you are peeping what I think is good music. So I’ll be sharing that here!

Fair warnings in advance:

I will talk about Hiatus Kaiyote and Thundercat a lot. Like, every week.

If I buy something and make it known that I’ve bought it, you should definitely be listening to it.

Don’t ask me to listen to your mixtape. I don’t know you. Unless I do know you, then sure, send me that link! But I’m not here for your promo.

Now that all that’s out the way, check out the podcast I host every week! Tell your friends! Talk to us on Twitter! Thanks for being here.