The Next 100


🎶We ain’t… go-ing nowhere. We ain’t… going nowhere…

I mean, y’all knew that, of course, but it’s still reassuring to say it.

The past two years and 100 episodes of Runaway Jukebox have been amazing overall. Through all the ups and downs, the changes in cast and dynamics, and the people who have come to know and love us and our tastes, it’s been a crazy journey. We set this milestone in the beginning with no clear goal in sight, and now that we finally crossed it, I found myself at the finish line with no idea what to do next.

It would be easy enough to just continue the status quo we’ve established and record at the table every Friday in the same format that we always did. But I’ve always known that we can do better. I put a good amount of time and effort into putting together our show every week, but was I doing everything I could to make Runaway Jukebox not only your favorite music podcast, but the best music conversational podcast ever made? Being honest, no. Last year, I started a new relationship, started getting more and more responsibilities at work, and recently I’ve been managing and producing Is the Mic Still On, so I’ve definitely had a lot on my plate. However, I refuse to let things like that get in the way of my passion any more. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that Runaway Jukebox – this podcast, platform, and brand we’ve worked so hard to build – is the best thing I’ve ever worked towards and made in my life so far. And I’ll be damned if I don’t put my full ass into making it the best thing out there.

I had a long discussion with Nick and Kim the other day to discuss plans for the future. They’re with me 100% in making this thing bigger and better in its next phase. More conversation. More structure. More collaborations. Original music so we don’t get our episodes taken down (still haven’t gotten that TPAB episode back on the feed, Kendra, I know… lol). Most importantly, we want to communicate with you – the listeners, the fans, the friends – even more than we already are. Nick said it best: we want it to feel like you are right there in the fourth chair (#BARS) every week with us.

We’ve got some ideas to finish working out in the next week or so to make sure we’re solid on this next 100 episodes. But look forward to us returning to your podcast feeds the Monday after next, March 27, fresh and ready to be #1. Until then, we’ll be putting our Patreon-exclusive episode we recorded last week up tomorrow before I head out of town for the weekend, and I may have another fun thing or two coming down the pipeline pretty soon.

I cannot thank y’all enough for all your support during this journey, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. So we’ll just keep this thing going until the wheels fall off. I love you.




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