Episode 73 – THIS Episode IS About Frank!

So we (or at least, those of us with Apple Music) have all had some time to digest these new Frank albums. Let’s finally have a seat and talk about them.

[00:03:15] Previously on the show, we reviewed PARTYNEXTDOOR (even though most of you told us SPECIFICALLY not to) and some other things I was surprised that Kim liked.

[00:06:15] We begin our journey with a review of Frank’s Endless, the visual album of him making a staircase.
[00:22:30] Now we move into the greatness that is Blonde. Hot takes galore from your boy incoming. I might break your heart with how I feel!
[00:49:35] #Exchange: Sampha’s Dual EP. I was already gonna review this, but after hearing him on Endless, I HAD to do it. This is one of those projects that I demand everyone listen to if they haven’t already.
[00:59:50] Kim’s #Exchange album is Small Talk by MNEK. A strange and unexpected surprise!

[01:06:40] Exclusive music is stupid. If an album comes out and it’s “exclusive,” I now say that gives you the right to pirate the hell out of it. Do it until these record labels and streaming services get it right.
[01:19:20] This “old vs. new” generational hip-hop war is getting even worse. Apparently Lil Yachty (Boat) can’t name 5 Big or Pac songs?
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