Episode 70 – Music Sucks Now (w/@kbinge of Dead End Hip Hop)

Apologies for the delay, but as I’ve been saying all week, this special episode is WELL WORTH THE WAIT.

This week, we had our good friend Ken (@kbinge) from Dead End Hip Hop join us (again) for over TWO HOURS of music conversations. From Big Sean’s mediocrity to the death of radio and everything else in between, Ken was a wealth of information and he came ready to duke it out with yours truly.


[00:04:45] Previously on Runaway Jukebox: we reviewed Gucci’s new album (apparently Ken is a huge Gucci fan?), PNB Rock/Fetty Wap, and Tigallerro (which Kim is surprisingly all about).

[00:08:35] We review DJ Khaled’s Major Key – an album that y’all were crazy about for all of one day, then just tossed aside. I can’t stand you. But it was kinda good…

[00:30:45] The music streaming wars are bullshit and I’m getting so tired of having to have all three services to listen to all the music I want. And of all people to speak out against it… Kanye? The same Kanye that had his last album as an “exclusive” for damn near a month? Funny.

[00:41:35] The main topic begins. I ask Ken: am I allowed to say I love hip-hop?

[00:49:05] I tell the story about how my Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas game was taken away from me as a kid. (It’s relevant, I swear. Also hilarious)

[00:56:15] I ALSO talk about how I got into OutKast as a kid, thirteen years after their first album dropped. (Just full of stories today…)

[01:05:35] Ken talks about how older lovers of music are unwilling to let go of their idols and say that some people that’ve come after them are better.

[01:06:35] This is where the conversation really starts to take off. Ken says “the music is regressing” and I try to make the argument that music is not getting worse over time.

The show notes end here this week. The next hour of conversation all runs together, but in the middle of all of it is a lot of shouting and blasphemy (mostly from your master of millennial music, and I apologize for none of it).



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