Episode 69 – Sixty-Nines are Overrated

Not much in the way of “news” this week, so this episode is just straight up MUSIC TALK. And stories! And SINGING!

[00:06:00] We talk about what we’ve been listening to this past week. Catching up on suggestions, I finally sat down and listened to Bas’ Too High to Riot and YG’s Sill Brazy. Dig them both. And a quick little first impression on Major Key (which we will, of course, be covering next week.)
[00:11:37] Previously on Runaway Jukebox… I got a little crazy. Time to put Taylor Swift in the box of artists I no longer refer to by name. My bad.
[00:17:34] Gucci Mane – Everybody Looking Review
[00:35:20] Our #Exchange segment begins with, for some reason, a Fetty Wap mixtape. (thanks, brent_mashia)
[00:46:45] My #Exchange album is Phonte and Eric Roberson’s Tigallerro. Peep
[00:58:15] In the spirit of episode 69, we share music stories and sexy playlists.
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