Episode 66 – Please Take Care of You

This week’s episode is mainly about us making sure you’re taking care of yourself.

[00:03:15] We’re still doing a giveaway for the month of July! Details start here.
[00:05:20] Previously on Runaway Jukebox… (comments from last episode)
[00:06:50] Start of the Blood Orange – Freetown Sound review
[00:28:50] #Exchange segment (we were supposed to review Lil Dicky’s album, buuuuut…)
[00:30:45] XXL Freshman Cypher Talk (disclaimer: this was BEFORE I heard the G Herbo / Dave East cypher, which in my opinion was pretty good… At least in comparison to whatever those other two were.)
[00:35:38] Main topic this week is about self-care. In the wake of the recent police shootings of #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile, a lot of us (including myself) have been under a significant amount of mental stress lately. I’m no mental health master, but I’d like to share how music helps me get through times like these, and hopefully help you out as well.
[00:58:50] In case you forgot we’re doing a giveaway this month… we’re doing a giveaway this month. LEAVE THOSE SOUNDCLOUD COMMENTS DOWN THERE
[01:00:41] On a lighter note… Some extra stories to make you laugh so we don’t end on such a heavy topic.
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