Episode 55 – The Husel is Dead (For Now)

Ding dong, the crown is gone!


We answered some great questions this week too! Didn’t even have time to get to them all!(That doesn’t mean STOP sending them. Drop some in the comments below or DM us.)

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, CELEBRATE THE RETURN OF THE LEBRON JAMES OF MOTHERF*****N PODCASTING. He and I argue whether or not DJ Luke Nasty’s version of “Might Be” is a superior version to Paak’s, and just catch up. It’s been months since we’ve had my man on, so enjoy the conversation!

Side Note: We forgot to talk about our Songs of the Week this episode, but luckily, I talked to Kim after the show and got them anyway. So check them out!

Kim: Back to Back – Drake
(I asked to make sure and she assured me she was dead serious.)

Me: GLOWED UP – Kaytranada ft. Anderson .Paak
One of my favorite producers, collaborating with my favorite artist this year? Sign me up. Can’t wait to hear this whole album later this May.




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