Domo Genesis – Genesis Review

Just found out it’s pronounced DAHM-oh. My bad, bro.

The Group Formally Known As Odd Future has been on a roll lately. I can honestly say they have had consistently stellar releases since Earl’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside (and yes, Cherry Bomb falls in that window too). The Internet, Vince Staples… It’s crazy how good all these albums have been. It only makes sense that this hot streak would go on, but with who? Does Taco make music? Is Christopher Breaux even still with us?  

Enter Domo Genesis. That one guy you heard on the second OF Tape and the best song and verse on Tyler’s Wolf. I honestly had no idea that he was releasing his debut album a few weeks ago, and I wasn’t checking for it. But lately, what’s been the best way to make me aware of what someone is up to? That’s right, throw some Anderson .Paak in the mix. Domo’s first single “Dapper” dropped while I was in Philly, and I couldn’t stop playing it no matter what I did. Their chemistry and flow was kinetic and groovy, and at that point, I was tuned in and ready. And even still, I wasn’t ready for how good Genesis was going to be.

There is truly and honestly not a single outright bad song here. Everything comes from the soul and tells his story so well, it’s alarming. The beats either knock like with “One Below,” or they’re cradling you in their groves with “Faded in the Moment.” Even the parts that feel unfinished and demo-quality like “Wanderer” are infectious tunes. (Warning: that’s the one that’s gonna get stuck in your head for days.) On the majority of the songs here, these two things combine in a beautiful and addicting fashion. Sometimes, all the singing isn’t perfectly on point, but it feels intentional, like he’s coming apart trying to help you see his soul. And I’ll be damned if I don’t see it. This album begs to be played again, and its just short enough to accidentally do so.

Somewhere along the line I realize I forgot to tell you that he raps his ass off. But you’ll hear that for yourself when the first track plays. Oh, and if you don’t play All Night, they gone turn his lights off, so spin that one a lot so he’ll be good.

Favorite Tracks: One Below, Wanderer, Coming Back, Faded in the Moment, Dapper

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