Episode 53 -Jhene Aiko Blocked Me

In all honesty, I probably deserved it.

I “slander” Big Sean on an almost weekly basis nowadays, thanks in no small part to people getting into loose debates with me over his relevancy and weight in today’s rap game. Most of you do a really bad job of making your case, by the way. So it only makes sense that the second half of TWENTY88 would go out of her way to block me…

Anyway, we talk about that in this week’s episode of the podcast! Check us out and help me figure out if I really deserved this or not. I still like Jhene’s music, and this little album wasn’t bad either:

We started our Song of the Week this episode too!

Kim chose “Underground Kings” by Drake:

And I picked “Infatuation” by Lipstick Gypsy:

Also we went back to answering listener questions and we’d like to hear more from you! Drop some in the comments below! Thanks for listening.

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